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HELD Sister Foundation




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HELD Sister Foundation

HELD Sister Foundation was founded as a direct response to insufficient support structures for cancer patients as well as sexual and reproductive health especially those in rural and sub-urban regions in the country. HELD Sister Foundation started its activities in September 2013 and was officially registered in October 201 S.
We stand as a trusted, reliable and dependable provider of information on cancer and reproductive health issues, psycho-social support to cancer patients and those affected by cancer and in some cases, the foundation offers direct in-kind assistance like sanitary towels to rural women and school girls.

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HELD Sister targets average
income earning men and women in rural, urban and slum settings

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We Endeavour to mentor as many slums and rural youths as possible. Our key areas of focus are; Sexual & Reproductive health, Communicable diseases, STDs, STIs & HIV/Aids, Information and Technology, Drugs And Substance Abuse


EDET Program (Early Diagnosis for early treatment) Damning reports on the situation of cancer and reproductive health in Kenya have become commonplace. Hundreds of thousands of Kenyans succumb to cancer or to reproductive health related complications and in most cases deaths could have been easily avoided.


People love giving , and love telling others that they’re giving. HELD Sister Foundation taps into this by describing in detail what they will do with these funds.This is a time to also appreciate our sponsors donors and other trustees.

Afya Harvest : A HELD Sister Foundation initiative

This is a social enterprise whose main aim is educate on the role of nutrition and physical activity in household diseases prevention and management. We focus on education on nutrition, organic kitchen gardens farming and physical activities.

Long Term Goals

HELD Sister targets average income earning men and women in rural, urban and slums settings. We intend to initiate a reproductive health center project. This will see the construction and equipping of a major sexual and reproductive health center that will provide quality exclusive SRH services and information at pocket friendly prices to all low income earners. Further on, we plan to partner with the government and other health institutions at the regional level so as to devolve these services to within reach of our beneficiaries.

Short Term Goals

HELD Sister targets average income earning men and women in rural, urban and slums settings.
Our immediate goals are:

Directly reach at least 2000 young adults yearly through mentorship projects.

Hold at least 15 medical camps per year, screening at least 200 women and 100 men each. This adds up to 3,000 women and 1500 men screened for cervical, breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, Hypertension and BMI.

Have at least 2 running support groups from different counties throughout each year

Run an affordable gynecology clinic every month

Help set up at least 100 kitchen gardens

Sell at least 200 V-brush HPV Dna tests in Rural areas

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"I love your initiative and aim of reaching out to many. Keep up the good work"


"Your journey as a foundation is amazing with impressive strides! I can't wait to join your cause! Bless!"