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Thank you for stopping by our website. It is an honour to have you here.
I would like to take you through our journey in the shortest time possible, this will be a summary ofour genesis, what we stand for as well as our main goal(s).
As I battled cervical cancer, I faced stigma from my mates and some of the people around me. Not to mean I didn't have a support system. To be honest, I did have a battalion that held my hand to the end. Mine was a rather a short journey from diagnosis through to the treatment yet it affected me in immeasurable ways. It was a lonely journey for since I didn't know who to talk to. The few I had tried reaching out to couldn't seem to know how to deal with me leave alone my emotions. It was frustrating. All I wanted was someone who would identify with me, speak my language and not try to make sense out of everything happening or not happening to me.
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This drove me to my desire of wanting to be there for someone else as they battled cancer. I resigned my job and begun a journey to provide a shoulder to someone stuck as I was while undergoing treatment. That was the gap I wanted to fill when I founded HELD(Hold Every Lady in Distress) Sister Foundation that to me was to be just but a support group but little did I know that I had bigger shoes to wear. As time went by, I interacted with many in need, I felt a bigger gap in; access to correct information on cancer prevention and management for the rural society, access to screening services, psychological support for cancer patients & caregivers through this journey and the role of nutrition in disease prevention and management( AFYA Harvest). This is when I officially asked for help from, we registered HELD as a Foundation & started recruiting volunteers.
To date, I through HELD Sister Foundation have kept the above objectives close to my heart and I have been able to achive great things in these areas not alone but with a very able, awesome and very aggressive team of volunteers and the Board of Directors. We have had individuals & corporates sponsor and partner with us. The FOHELD (Friends of HELD Sister Foundation) haven't stopped supporting our cause since it's conception.
I am humbled by the overwhelming support we have received as we endevour to promote health. I invite you to visit all the pages of our website and social media for I am sure you will find a way that you too can stand to be counted in your unique ways.
Thank you!
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She has received several Awards

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March 2014 during the international women’s day, Eco Bank Africa nominated her as the
Kenyan nominee for the award “Women Inspiring Change in Africa.”
In February 2016, Carolyne was awarded the Timeless Woman of Wonder 2016 Award in the health sector. She was was recognized for her exceptional leadership and devoted service to the people of Kenya and her contribution to the flourishing future of Africa.

In March 2016, Carolyne was the guest Red chili Social Change maker. She shared her story

October 2017, she was position 12 among the Top 40 under 40 women finalists award by
Business Daily Africa
March 2018, People Daily named her no 5 among the Top 10 WOMEN championing health
rights in Kenya
March 2018 during the international Women’s day she won the Zuri Award in the impact
category for the impact her work has in the rural Kenya